Fun Interview Online

I was interviewed shortly after Playing With Power came out.  I had some fun with this one.  Check it out and get to know me a little!  I get into a full on description of my dream home too.  There are some more pretty cool interviews on this site as well.

One thing I learned when I started working in stop motion was that basically everything that we use to animate is repurposed or re-appropriated from some other source. Stephen Chiodo was actually the one who pointed that out to me first. Stop motion people are some of the most inventive and incredibly creative people I have ever encountered. Almost everything is hacked and dismantled and rebuilt. There is no “Stop Motion Store” anywhere in the world as far as I know (and I don’t think it would make much money if there was), so it’s absolutely necessary for us to find ways to turn things into other things to make them useful. Training your brain to look at the world this way is really eye-opening. Almost everything has a secret use.