RAT BOY - "MOVE" New Video!

I had the absolute pleasure to direct this video for a really talented artist named Rat Boy.  We had the perfect crew and the whole production was freaking seamless.  I'm really proud of what we got done in just a couple of months.  Check it out and share and comment and most importantly, ENJOY!!!

42nd Annie Awards - Citizen M

It was such an honor to get to go to the 42nd Annie Awards with all of my Stoopid Buddies.  The film I animated for PES that also brought him together with the Buds was nominated for Best Commercial.  In the end we were beat out for the award by none other than Aardman.  I am so grateful that my career has led me to so many cool places and afforded me the luxury to make so many wonderful things!

At least I got to rock a Powerglove with my Tux! 

Here is our little film:

And here was the winner:

Well done Aardman.  Well deserved.

The Atlantic - Front page

Today I woke up with a funny feeling.  First I noticed that Playing With Power has now crossed half a million views in just over a week, which is amazing in itself.  Then I checked theatlantic.com, scrolled down just a little, and there I saw my Powerglove featured on the front page of their website!  Absolutely incredible.