RAT BOY - "MOVE" New Video!

I had the absolute pleasure to direct this video for a really talented artist named Rat Boy.  We had the perfect crew and the whole production was freaking seamless.  I'm really proud of what we got done in just a couple of months.  Check it out and share and comment and most importantly, ENJOY!!!

Animation Party!

After a long wait, here is the result of our latest Animation Party!  ....Mild adult content, but it's just puppets so get over it. 

Dillon Markey, the animator who uses a Powerglove, threw a party at his house and invited the guests to animate some puppets on a stage in his living room. The result is raw, animated freeverse poetry and goes to the depths of the capabilities of human psyche.

42nd Annie Awards - Citizen M

It was such an honor to get to go to the 42nd Annie Awards with all of my Stoopid Buddies.  The film I animated for PES that also brought him together with the Buds was nominated for Best Commercial.  In the end we were beat out for the award by none other than Aardman.  I am so grateful that my career has led me to so many cool places and afforded me the luxury to make so many wonderful things!

At least I got to rock a Powerglove with my Tux! 

Here is our little film:

And here was the winner:

Well done Aardman.  Well deserved.

ABC Eyewitness News

So ABC Eyewitness news came by Stoopid Buddy to do a little interview with me.  It was pretty remarkably awesome.  But they don't tell you that talking to a serious news lady can be as scary and intimidating as talking to cops.  I got super nervous!

Check out the fun little article and the minute long feature!  Rad!


The Atlantic - Front page

Today I woke up with a funny feeling.  First I noticed that Playing With Power has now crossed half a million views in just over a week, which is amazing in itself.  Then I checked theatlantic.com, scrolled down just a little, and there I saw my Powerglove featured on the front page of their website!  Absolutely incredible.   


Look up "Fucking Awesome" on urban dictionary.

I always loved the joke "If you look up "gullible" in the dictionary, there's a picture of your face." But now, if you look up "Fucking Awesome" on Urban Dictionary, you will actually find a description that makes all seem right with the world. I am satisfied. 




Colossal Write Up

The wonderful art blog, thisiscolossal.com wrote us up!  This is easily my favorite thing ever written about me.  I love the closing line "It makes you wonder what other outmoded technology had the right form factor but wrong application?"  I want to spend the next ten years looking for those outmoded technologies and convincing people to wonder the same thing! 

In a stroke of nostalgic brilliance, he realized Nintendo’s failed 1980 Power Glove—a wearable device that was supposed to offer novel ways of controlling video games—posessed the form factor he needed.
— http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2015/01/power-glove-stop-motion/

Artmor Project - Man O Fett

I don't know how I missed this, but the piece I made for the Artmor Project went up and sold at auction for $200!  That's awesome.  This project basically asked different artists to dress a set of Boba Fett's chest armor which they sell at The Big Toy Auction and the proceeds go towards purchasing Star Wars toys for Toys for Tots.  This was a really fun thing to be a part of, and I hope somewhere one my little brothers of metal is playing with some cool new toys!


Animatronic Animator

Just posted this new video showcasing a sculpture of a stop motion animator animating a scene.