Films, Spots and Commercials Directed by Dillon Markey


Rat Boy - Move

A music video, directed by Dillon Markey for Parlophone records in London.  Rat Boy is an awesome new talent that has excellent taste in music as well as music videos.  This video calls back to Michael Jackson's "Speed Demon" in technique, mixing stop motion puppets with live action settings in an exciting chase scene with ninjas!

ESKMO - Mind of War

A music video, directed by Dillon Markey and ESKMO for the song "Mind of War" off the new album SOL.  We shot pixelation for 15 straight hours and ended up with 4600 frames in a single day.  An intense experience for all.

Over the River and Through the Higher Dimensions

Thesis film, which earned a Master of Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts.  The film went on to show at several festivals around the world, including Slamdance, Comicon International Film Festival, Fantasia Film Festival.  The film was awarded Best Animation at the Arizona Film Festival.

Hello My Name is Joe

The first film I made at Calarts.  It was also the first time I animated wire sculptures, as well as the first film ever made entirely from wire sculpture animation.  The film screened at several festivals world wide, including Philadelphia Film Festival, London International Animation Festival, Sydney International Animation Festival and many more. 

Lobster Always Wins

I directed this experiment in catharsis and improvisation in 2012.  Three simple rules were given as a guideline: 1) Go Fast, 2) Don't think, and 3) Never Delete.  Every frame taken was used in the final cut, and was placed in the chronological order that it was shot.  To me, the result was surprisingly dynamic and interesting.  It is frenetic, energetic and non-sensically demented. 

What The Cluck?!

Produced for Adult Swim as part of the Stoopid Buddy Shorts Program, this film combines two of my greatest loves: Fried Chicken and Terminator 2 references.  Featured exclusively on!

Alfred Chinchillaman

Co-directed with Trisha Gum, this adorable and twisted little short was also part of the Stoopid Buddy Shorts Program for Adult Swim.