ABC Eyewitness News

So ABC Eyewitness news came by Stoopid Buddy to do a little interview with me.  It was pretty remarkably awesome.  But they don't tell you that talking to a serious news lady can be as scary and intimidating as talking to cops.  I got super nervous!

Check out the fun little article and the minute long feature!  Rad!

The Atlantic - Front page

Today I woke up with a funny feeling.  First I noticed that Playing With Power has now crossed half a million views in just over a week, which is amazing in itself.  Then I checked, scrolled down just a little, and there I saw my Powerglove featured on the front page of their website!  Absolutely incredible.

Look up "Fucking Awesome" on urban dictionary.

I always loved the joke "If you look up "gullible" in the dictionary, there's a picture of your face." But now, if you look up "Fucking Awesome" on Urban Dictionary, you will actually find a description that makes all seem right with the world. I am satisfied.



Colossal Write Up

The wonderful art blog, wrote us up!  This is easily my favorite thing ever written about me.  I love the closing line "It makes you wonder what other outmoded technology had the right form factor but wrong application?"  I want to spend the next ten years looking for those outmoded technologies and convincing people to wonder the same thing! 

In a stroke of nostalgic brilliance, he realized Nintendo’s failed 1980 Power Glove—a wearable device that was supposed to offer novel ways of controlling video games—posessed the form factor he needed.